Welcome to Saint John of the Cross!

Uncompromisingly Catholic: Pro-life, Pro-Traditional Family!

The Annual "STAND FOR LIFE" will be on January 20th @ 2PM. Please Gather on the south side of Rt. 60 in front of the Women's Care Center on 31st Ave.

The Holy Hour will be held on Tuesday, January 22nd, 5-6PM in the Main Church

Our priests and parishioners provide an inviting atmosphere to young families and retirees who are seeking solid ground in these troubling times.

  At Saint John of the Cross, all visitors are welcomed with open arms! Whether you are a practicing Catholic seeking a local Catholic Church, a returning Catholic wishing to get back to your roots, are of another faith with an interest in Catholicism, or simply in need to find solid ground in these troubling times, we warmly invite you in!

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