The Tenth Station

Jesus Is Stripped of His Garments

“When the soldiers had crucified Jesus, they took his clothes and divided them into four shares, a share for each soldier.”
(John 19:23)

When Christ’s garments are removed, the film flashes back to the uncovering of the bread at the Last Supper. The movie thus reminds us that Christ’s passion is re-presented to us at every Mass. In the Eucharist, Christ is “stripped” of the “garments” of his earthly appearance. But his real presence remains.

Pray this prayer from your heart: Lord Jesus, in your supreme act of humility and love, you give yourself to me totally in the Eucharist. Give me the grace of frequent Communion. Never let me take this precious gift for granted. Amen.


Pray one of each prayer: Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

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